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SaaS Provider MediaFiler Selects ITB2’s Data Centers In The Netherlands To Collocate Its IT Infrastructure

Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, 22 November, 2016 -Media Asset Management (MAM) platform MediaFiler has selected ITB2 Datacenters in the Netherlands to collocate its IT infrastructure. MediaFiler has moved its IT assets to ITB2’s NEN- 7510-certified colocation data center in Apeldoorn. NEN 7510 is a standard for safe handling of data within healthcare. ITB2’s alternative data center in Deventer, located about 14 kilometers away from the primary site, will help meet MediaFiler’s disaster recovery data center needs.

“NEN 7510 is in much demand of hospitals and other healthcare institutions,” said Berry Uilkema, CEO of MediaFiler, a company with a global customer base and Dutch healthcare clients including VUmc, Albert Schweitzer Hospital, and Máxima Medical Center. “Next to basic certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, NEN 7510 data center compliance is a specific requirement set by these organizations. As we were looking for a new colocation partner, I searched online for a Tier 3, NEN 7510-certified colocation provider with an alternative site for backup purposes. Energy-efficiency was also an important requirement for selecting the new colocation partner. It turned out that ITB2 Datacenters is one of the few data centers in the Netherlands meeting all those requirements.”